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An open access e-learning platform, which includes a Self-Assessment Tool to guide users to the appropriate learning modules. The platform will be available for those completing the Training Course, primarily professionals, staff and managers of leather SME businesses, but also to any person interested to know about sustainability in leather, who will be able to better understand what sustainability is and what is asked of them in order to be compliant with the various requirements of the industry and their customers.


A Resources Toolkit, comprising two main components:

  • A Guide to Environmental and Social Compliance to Leather Standards & Legislation, a document that will provide users a direction on their path towards sustainability;
  • Factsheets for Sustainability in Leather, to motivate and persuade about the benefits, risks and solutions available regarding sustainability.


A common Policy Recommendation paper, consisting of good examples of policies from each partner country, successes and challenges, and recommendations for a course of action based on the information, experiences and lessons learned in the course of the project to policymakers and high-level stakeholders in each partner country.